We are Vectre Consulting

We are a security, technology, and IT support team supporting financial institutions. For two decades, we’ve been protecting member financial data.

Vision & Mission

We help financial institutions delight their clients by providing our expert help for frustrating tech and security issues.

We understand the unique needs of financial institutions such as credit unions, so we create then execute a strong security plan and culture through educating, optimizing, advocating proper work methods, and eliminating threats from this ever-changing environment.


Our expertise helps

  • Keep your clients secure
  • Manage growth
  • Increase your revenue
  • Boost your employee productivity
  • Ensure your tech is up-to-date

Michael D’Anza

Michael D’Anza is the mastermind behind Vectre Consulting. No matter what the challenge is, he’s leading the way to research, strategize, and implement the most modern and effective solutions for your organization. His background in IT began over 20 years ago, and his wide range of knowledge spans networks, databases, and all the latest weapons against your security. His specialties include risk assessment consulting, operations consulting, security training, social engineering, security management, security plans and strategic planning for infrastructure and growth. His is able to seamlessly adapt to your internal processes.


Financial institutions trust us

Empower your staff to focus on their work. Vectre Consulting takes the burden of technology issues off your employees’ shoulders, so they can stay productive.

Our expertise gives you

Quality Workmanship

We stand by our reputation of 20+ years supporting financial institutions and local businesses.

World-Class Security

We ensure your IT is always 100% up-to-date and protected from nefarious activity.

Tech Help for Growth

Don’t let outdated technology be a roadblock to your company’s growth. We help you stay current.


Our Reach

We’re a small company with a big footprint. We have clients all across the U.S., with our roots in northern Minnesota.

Our Midwestern values extend everywhere we go; we’re energetic fans of nature and BBQ (especially smoked ribs), with a knack for intense problem solving, technology and innovation.

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