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Keeping Precious Members Safe for over a Decade

Protecting members' money and information is a primary concern of all credit unions—and we're here to help. Vectre Consulting was formed over a decade ago to support credit unions, keeping member data secure. In the online world, we ensure there are no vulnerabilities for member accounts. 

Vectre Consulting partners with credit unions to provide the technical support they need to focus on running their businesses effectively. We have 15 years of history with our clients, and our community reputation is the foundation of our success. No matter what the challenge is: we're here to research, strategize and implement the most modern and effective solutions for your institution.


We provide clients:

Quality Workmanship
We stand by our reputation of 18 years in the community supporting credit unions and local businesses.
World Class Security
We ensure your IT is always 100% up-to-date and protected from nefarious attack.
Tech to Help You Grow
Don't let outdated technology be a roadblock to your company's growth. We help you stay current.

Meet Michael D'Anza, the owner and the mastermind of Vectre Consulting. His career in security began where most consultants start—taking things apart and finding ways in...

Michael's background in security began over 20 years ago, and he loves finding the right solution to your unique problem. His wide range of knowledge spans across networks, databases and all the latest weapons against your security. His specialties include risk assessment consulting, operations consulting, security training, social engineering, security management, security plans and strategic planning for infrastructure and growth.

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