Security Audits Without Cost-Prohibitive Prices

We provided Embarrass Vermillion Federal Credit Union with best-in-class security auditing and testing—at a price within their budget.


Embarrass Vermillion Federal Credit Union (EVFCU) approached Vectre Consulting looking for industry class security auditing and testing. These services were prohibitively expensive for EVFCU—yet still needed. Vectre Consulting was able to provide the security testing and auditing on a budget that was workable for a credit union of their size.

  • Successfully identified technical gaps & affordable solutions
  • Vectre Consulting effectively assists as a stand-in Information Technology Officer, vetting vendors and representing EVFCU to their suppliers
  • Implemented security that includes future-proof solutions which continue to be effective
  • Successfully facilitated two branch expansions and a merger

Michael gave a presentation at a credit union chapter meeting. We were impressed by his depth of knowledge and ability to explain complex technology concepts in ways that were clear to understand. We are VERY happy with Vectre Consulting; and we’ve engaged their services for over 15 years now. It’s hard to imagine Embarrass Vermillion without Vectre Consulting.

Roxi Jensen



Vectre Consulting provides a niche risk assessment program tailored for small to medium sized financial institutions. Because we specifically target services to these businesses, we provide only what is useful and necessary — but not beyond the budget of these credit unions.


Once we identified vulnerabilities, Vectre provided a clear path to blocking them and creating a future-proof set of solutions. A key part of this was to create a structure for identifying emerging threats on a long-term basis.

Vectre and Embarrass Vermillion work together in a close relationship. Over the last 15 years, Vectre has become part of the EVFCU family. As a consulting firm, Vectre serves a crucial role. This role ranges from vetting their vendors to representing them with other technology providers.

Vectre has been key for helping their growth, which includes helping the credit union expand by two branches and a merger. There were unexpected challenges around every corner, but the assignment was an invigorating technological challenge Vectre Consulting embraced with enthusiasm.


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