Credit Union Security for Scalable Growth

We secured North Star Credit Union against evolving threats—positioning them for phenomenal growth and multiple branch expansions.


North Star Credit Union (NSCU) was introduced to Vectre Consulting at a credit union function several years ago. After hearing Michael D’Anza’s keynote speech on credit union security, they knew they’d found their security consultant.

NSCU wanted to ensure their credit union was secure against modern and evolving threats, and Michael’s discourse addressed their specific concerns. Fast forward after multiple years of teaming up with Vectre, and NSCU has transitioned onto highly secure technology that supports their phenomenal growth.

  • Successful server transition from peer-to-peer to server-client
  • They had reached a tipping point where they could no longer scale, now they had to switch to technology that would support their evolving growth
  • Set up security that was future-proof for scalability and continues to be effective

We had reached the limit for scalability for our existing network. Vectre Consulting clearly explained the technological path forward in terms we could understand and make executive- level decisions on. Time and experience have demonstrated that we made the right choice by approaching Vectre for consulting guidance.

Jennifer Stedt

Interim Chief Executive Officer


After delving into the projected forecast and true needs of NSCU, we determined that a significant overhaul was necessary to accommodate expected, imminent growth. We drew up a staged plan for implementation, and presented our ideas in non-complicated ways. This clear documentation armed NSCU with the data they needed to make informed decisions about next steps. After our strategy got the green light, we implemented it.

All strategy needs evaluation along the way. To evaluate our success with our NSCU engagement, we maintained regularly scheduled communication. During our regular meetings, we evaluated progress, reflected, adjusted course, and explored the next steps for NSCU’s strategic growth. When unexpected barriers arose, we navigated around them. Having the correct structure in place from the start of our engagement was key to helping us identity and address arising issues quickly and effectively.


The technology we implemented supports NSCU and has allowed them to successfully open two new branches. Vectre was a crucial part of helping them migrate to new core services software, which have supported them through this substantial growth.


Transition Server-Client Infrastructure

Consulting Guidance for Growth Projection

IT Setup

Email Integration

Security Auditing

Social Engineering

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