Transition of Core Services & Relocation

We upgraded the network services for Virginia COOP Credit Union & helped relocate their physical offices.


The Virginia COOP Credit Union (VCCU) has served the banking needs of the Northern Minnesota community for 85 years. Their network infrastructure needed a complete upgrade, so they approached Vectre Consulting for assistance.

Every financial institution has a program to track client transactions. When this needs to change, it can be a major ordeal for a credit union. Vectre successfully performed this major transition from one core services provider to another—along with major network upgrades.

In addition, VCCU also needed to move their physical business location. We were happy to provide relocation coordination assistance, along with technology planning. As challenges arose along the way, Vectre Consulting was by the credit union’s side the entire time.

  • Successfully performed major network and security upgrades
  • Provided relocation assistance for the credit union
  • Set up security that includes future-proof solutions which continue to be effective
  • Trained the credit union staff on new technology throughout the transition
  • 20+ year positive working partnership

We use Vectre Consulting for ALL things technological. VCCU has partnered with Vectre for over 20 years—longer than any staff members have been with us. This is a testament to the trust we place in them. Vectre is an indispensable partner for our credit union. They have always demonstrated that our interests are their interests.

Donald Rausch



Careful planning is key in our approach. We examine the current needs of the credit union, and we also forecast what challenges will arise. Based on our consultation, we make recommendations. As part of our engagement with VCCU, we created a workflow with phases. Through each phase or our plan, we have smooth transitions in place. During our transition to a new helpdesk system, we carefully planned and evaluated the progress so that no problems slipped through the cracks.


Vectre Consulting ensured VCCU was up and running promptly after their relocation. We helped complete the relocation in 48 hours—a very quick turnaround for the scope of the move. This meant they could move in as advertised and get right back to helping the community. They were open for business on launch day, and three days later they were running at full capacity. Vectre Consulting also negotiated better rates with their vendors for exponentially faster network connections.

Post transition, VCCU is able to provide new services that support their Minnesota community. We’ve created a manageable technology budget, with the ability to throttle and adapt to changes in the economy.



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Network Upgrades

Relocation Planning

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Research & Dissemination of Highly Technical Process

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