Virginia Coop

Virginia Coop Credit Union


The Virginia Coop Credit Union serves the banking needs of the Northern Minnesota community. For decades, their focus has been on helping local residents and businesses with their financial needs.

Recently the Virginia Coop Credit Union (VCCU) called on Vectre Consulting for network upgrades. Their network needed to be totally upgraded, with everything being redone. Their infrastructure was dated and couldn’t sustain their needs. They needed to transition into the digital age.

Since VCCU was also moving their physical business location, they needed relocation coordination assistance along with technology planning.


How We Helped

We rejoiced at the opportunity to help this great pillar in the community. As Northern Minnesota natives, the Vectre Consulting team cares deeply about our local businesses. We worked closely with the VCCU team to understand their challenges, explore security programs, plan their relocation, and create a technology strategy to take them into the future.


Our Process

Phase #1 — Understanding Challenges

Our first step in helping VCCU was truly understanding their unique challenges. This meant monitoring their workflow to understand their specific needs and pain points. We took time to get to know their entire staff, conducted interviews, and analyzed how their processes flowed. Once we had a clear vision of the problems they were facing, we began researching the best solutions.


Phase #2 — Crafting Solutions

Network Administration was a core area that needed upgrading. We provided consulting and strategic planning to set up a new network that could handle their infrastructure now, and position them for future growth. Working as a security and technology partner, we stay educated on what's necessary for our clients—and what will be needed for long-term growth. Long-term sustainability is a key consideration for all the solutions we recommend and implement. For each client, this involves constantly comparing what their business has currently to what it needs, and with what's  emerging on the tech scene.


Phase #3 — Putting Solutions in Place

After planning the best strategic solution for upgrading VCCU and relocating them, we worked closely with them to purchase needed technology, help them physically relocate their institution, and ensure everything was set up and working flawlessly after their move. When unexpected needs arose, we were there to offer practical—and affordable—solutions. One way we contributed was by negotiating with outside vendors and agencies, helping secure the best prices.


Tackling the Unexpected

One unexpected issue that arose during this consulting project was no internet was available coming into a new banking location. This is crucial for banking, so to step in and help with the situation, we worked around the clock to get service up and running. This involved coordinating last minute with governmental regulators, contractors, municipal authorities, and the internet company.


At the last minute the internet service provider said, “We can’t do it!” Vector Consulting came to the rescue & found alternative solutions. We were able to move in on schedule—as our advertising announcements said. Thank you!


Our goal is to position businesses in the best place to make informed decisions—providing research & knowledge of industry trends, forecasting for the future, and helping avoid risks.



We worked together as partners

What was the result of our engagement together? Vectre Consulting ensured VCCU was up and running promptly after their relocation. This meant they could move in as advertised and get right back to helping the community. They were open for business on launch day, and 3 days later they were running with full services. Vectre Consulting also negotiated lower rates for faster internet connections!

We Provided

•    Relocation Assistance
•    Project Management & Coordination
•    Developed Security Testing Program 
•    Communications Consulting
•    Research & Dissemination of Highly Technical Process
•    Strategic Planning Assistance
•    Education & Training for Staff

VCCU is saving 50% on their internet bills since we negotiated rates for them. True value!

We transitioned VCCU into the digital age

What can we do for you?

Relocation Assistance

We helped this credit union move their business to a new location & be ready to open on schedule, despite challenges.

Project Management & Coordination

We created a technology strategy, managed hundreds of details & coordinated with vendors to negotiate the best pricing.

Developed Security Testing Program

We created and implemented a custom security testing program to keep the valuable banking data secure online.

Communications Consulting

We provide communications training for staff—educating teams on how to be friendly,professional & secure with clients.

Dissemination of Technical Process

We turn technical jargon into understandable speech, so business owners can make smart decisions about technology.

Education & In-person Training

We provide social engineering & in-person training & education, so staff know how to respond in real world situations.